135th Annual
Bok Kai Parade
Marysville, California

The 135th Bok Kai Festival, celebrating the Year of the Ram, will take place March 21 and 22, 2015.  The Bok Kai Parade committee will host the parade on Saturday, March 21 @ 11 am, catch the action at 2nd and 'C' Streets. The Marysville Chinese Community hosts and sponsors Bomb Day on Sunday, March 22 @ 4 pm, the intersection of 1st and 'C' Streets.

Gates to the Bok Kai Temple, Marysville, California

The heart of the festival is the now-restored Bok Kai Temple, built in Marysville, California's historic Chinatown in 1888.

The popular parade, some say the oldest continuous one in California, features a variety of floats, cultural performances, and, of course, the famous Bok Kai parade dragon!

Here, on the official website of the Bok Kai Festival, you will find background on the festival, parade applications, vendor information, and information for sponsors.